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Compression Shorts for Air Relax PLUS (3.0) or Classic (2.0)


The dynamic hip compression system improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic fluid movement, helps remove lactic acid, reduces inflammation, soreness, stiffness and improves flexibility thus stimulating recovery and enhancing performance. The system has been designed around the athlete’s performance and their recovery, based on scientific studies.

About the Product

  • No machine included. One arm sleeve only.
  • Must be used with an Air Relax Recovery System (pump).
  • Designed to target quads, hamstings, glutes, obliques, hip flexors, lower back and abdomen.
  • 1 Year Worry-Free Warranty.
  • Patent pending.
  • The shorts is compatible with AR-2.0 & AR-3.0 control unit.
  • Size 1: Waist size 35 inches and under
  • Size 2: Waist size 42 Inches and under

Do not use this product if you are experiencing inflammation, an infection, pain of unknown origin, or bleeding (internal or external) at or near the site of application, or if you have a wound at or near the site of application. Remember to consult your Medical Practitioner before using this Compression Recovery System.

Product Information

  • Brand Name: Air Relax